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Original YTMND:
A Detailed Analysis of Prop. 23  
by lacrossestar83 
October 2, 2009  
Worthy spinoffs:

The Joke fad is a Forced_fad of sorts by lacrossestar83. The first site was made on October 2nd, 2009 and featured a deceptive title, a flashing image of the word "joke", and Ear_rape.

lacrossestar83 combined sounds from numerous other ear rape sites, along with other sounds, and mixed them together into his vision of the one ultimate noise blast. The original image was taken by lacrossestar83 from a keatonkeaton999 site, and edited by removing several frames and then inverting every other frame that remained, creating an intense strobing effect. lacrossestar83's inspiration for this visual was derived from the final battle in the video game Earthbound, when Giygas attacks Ness and his comrades, and the old "EPILEPSY" flash video he saw on ebaumsworld before he stopped going there. In later sites, different images and sounds are used, but most follow the "flashing 'joke' text with ear rape" theme.

lacrossestar83 usually would make these sites with titles either related to current events or simply ideas that he thought were just too dumb to go through the effort of making a site about them. Few users other than lacrossestar83 have made such "joke" sites, clouding their classification as a "forced fad."