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Jin (left) and Fyrestorm (right) in New York City

Jin was one of the moderators on the YTMND Ventrilo Server. He was also a professional wrestler who debated his return to this endeavor. He has also DJed for YTMND radio and has made many memories in Ventrilo. If you ever hear a "white power!", Jin's was not far behind.

On July 12, 2006, Jin was killed in a car crash. He was debating whether to continue signing his name as "Captain Jin Sparrow" or not, when Captain Morgan made the decision for him. Don't drink and drive. He is the first notable YTMNDer to pass away since YTMND's inception. Thru a miracle thou, Jin was found at the ends of the earth by his crew of the white pearl. Saved from deaths shitty grip, Jin continues to sail the ytmnd seas and rules them with an iron fist.

Jin is alive (but did die and was brought back to life) if you don't get the part about white pearl.

Also, He is outrageous. Truely, truely Outrageous.

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