It's Behind

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It's Behind
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Original YTMND:
It's behind! (THE ORIGINAL)
by brine
April 25, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

The "It's Behind" fad poke fun at a scene from M. Night Shyamalan's "Signs". The original scene showed Joaquin Phoenix's character watching a breaking news report involving the sightings of aliens. The news reporter says that she's about to show actual and disturbing image where an alien was sighted at a birthday party. The report breaks to the footage where a boy is yelling "It's behind!". Moments later after the music has built up, the alien walks by the corridor. At this moment, Joaquin quickly gets shocked and comes up close to the TV to have another look as the footage was being reshown.

The fad began in late April when the user brine altered the scene so that it was the King walking across instead of the alien. The site quickly spawned a number of popular sites.

The fad suffered though due to the search engine. The current ytmnd search engine omits "common" words including "behind", making it almost impossible to find all of the fad sites. Despite that, many of the fad sites have broken a rating of over 4.0.

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