Intrepid YTMND Alliance

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Intrepid YTMND Alliance

The Intrepid YTMND Alliance, or IYA, is an alliance of YTMND users who have agreed to a set of rules governing behavior. The intention behind the group is to combat the Evil Empire of Faggotry, or TEEOF, and foster a positive sense of community. The group arranged itself by casual acquaintance in December of 2010. As all current members are friends, their YTMND site output has consistently embodied the classic style of picture, sound, and text, with an emphasis on fads. They take a semi-antagonistic view of site owner Max Goldberg due to his Obamaesque abdication of responsibility.

Membership can be requested by contacting one of the members via PM.

The Rules

  1. Never vote more than once on the same site
  2. Never use drastic NSFW content in your sites
  3. Never spam
  4. Never revenge downvote
  5. Never vote based on the user rather than the site

===The Membership=== [Got sources?]

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