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In ur stuff
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Original YTMND:
Cats in ur stuff doing things
by yoyoyoyyoIG
September 2, 2006
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"In ur stuff" sites show pictures of various animals/people accompanied by l33tspeak language in the form of "im in ur ____, ____ ur _____". This phrasing is a takeoff on "I'm in ur base, killin ur doodz", a widespread catchphrase allegedly originating from an online game of Starcraft. The person speaking the line was in fact in his own base, killing his own units. The line caught on and spread to other Blizzard games, mocking the incompetence of new and unskilled players.

The internet phenomenon of "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" (a very poor English translation in a Sega Genesis game, Zero Wing) from the late 90's probably had influence on the popularity of another catchphrase bearing the word "base".

Recently this fad has spilled over from Blizzard games to Blizzard Forums. After a wave of account hacking in World of Warcraft, "IM IN UR AKOUNT, SHARDING UR PURPLZ" was seen as the forum signature of many users on the official forums. This phrase refers to the action of the hacker stealing someone's account and disenchanting someone's epic items (the name of which are colored purple in-game). This specific phrase was popularized by the now absent Tseric.

The music that accompanies most "In ur stuff" sites is from Super Mario Land (Game Boy, 1989).

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