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Hey Bob was a fad reputedly created by user Ooblegork, who at least created "Hey Bob 1" (he has since deleted all of his Hey Bob sites).

The fad focuses around the exploits of a white man (i.e. Bob) taken from an internet comic called "Morning Glory" and a similar black man (Fred) as they speak to each other through three comic boxes. The music accompanying the fad was "Spanish Flea". Where this fad gained notoriety was the racist content that it nearly always displayed- Bob is very dedicated aryan supremacist and the ever-suffering Fred has to deal with this time and time again (every so often getting his own back). Regardless of how racist and xenophobic Bob became however, it was always designed to be non-offensive to anyone involved, apart from anyone similar to Bob and perhaps Fred and is akin to Nigga Stole My Bike in that respect. While originally popular, some users did not find the fad amusing and claimed that the creators of the sites were racist and lead to much downvoting. Hey Bob is now rarely seen, with but one or two new sites.

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