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Interwiki links are wikilinks that lead to a wiki on another site. They are formatted in the same way as a wikilink that points to another Namespace but are shown as a special type of link that is like an external link without the arrow. To create an interwiki link, just create a regular wikilink, but use the prefix in the beginning. For example, typing [[w:Sean Connery]] will create "w:Sean Connery. To remove the prefix from or change the link text, type [[w:Sean Connery|Sean Connery]].

This page lists the prefixes of interwiki links.

List of prefixes

Prefix Wiki site link example
w: Wikipedia w:Main Page
w:xx: Wikipedia in another language (xx is the two letter abbriviation) w:fr:YTMND (links to French Wikipedia's YTMND article
m: metawikipedia: Wikimedia's Meta Wiki m:Main Page
wiktionary: Wiktionary wiktionary:Main Page
wikinews: WikiNews wikinews:Main Page
wikiquote: WikiQuote wikiquote:Main Page
wikimedia: Wikimedia wikimedia:Main Page
mediazilla: Wikimedia Bugzilla mediazilla:1234