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"MySpace Haley", a 15-year-old MySpace user named Haley, the victim of spamming due to the immense popularity of her MySpace profile. Her YTMNDs include "Haley Doesn't Change Facial Expressions", and two original songs by DZK ("Haley - What's Your Age Again", set to music to the Blink-182 song "What's My Age Again?" ) and "Haley - Her First Train Ride", the latter with quite explicit lyrics which many felt were distasteful.

Lyrics to "Haley - What's Your Age Again?" by DKZ:

I met a girl on the Internet
her name was Haley
I said to give me sex
she said: “I’m only twelve”
I said that shit is cool
I used to be in middle school!
But then again that was back in ‘93
and now I’m twenty-six I kinda see
how you and me could be a cronto girl
don’t go out and tell the world
just try to act your age and then
wait, what’s you’re age again?
what’s your age again?

Later on, I found her fan club,
I joined right up, and then I scanned one
or two pics of my nuts, a couple of my dick
and then I send em all at once

And that was about the time her daddy called me up
and told me he’d rip off my balls and stuff
if I should ever try to touch his girl
I told him that she’s growing up
and someone has to show her what
what to suck and fuck
That’s when he hung up.
Alright so check it out

after that phone call i felt a little bad, right
so I was gonna call her house y'know
and be a little apologetic, so
I call up, she picks up the phone and she's like
“This is Hayley”
And I'm like, something snapped in me, I'm like
“Do a barrel roll!”
She's like “what?”
I'm like “Do a barrel roll!”
She's like “What is a barrel roll? Who is this”
I'm like “This is Brian Peppers! Do a barrel roll!”
She's like “Oh my God, not Brian Peppers!
The guy with the big eyes!
He's going to molest me!”
I'm like “That's right, do a barrel roll!”
She was all crying and shit, it was bad
And that’s about the time she called the police on me
why did she take my shit so seriously
and she still act like she’s in six grade yo
why cant she grow up a bit
it's not like I can penetrate
what’s her age again?
wait,what’s her age again?

Hayley, Hayley, Hayley, o Hayley, Hayley, Hayley
open your eyes I wanna skeet skeet skeet
I wanna skeet skeet skeet on your face

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