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Guitar is a parody of Violin. It is a Forced Alternate Universe Fad created by user Enjoi10. The fad's first site was created on January 19, 2007, and continues. The websites are usually edited with a guitar replacing the fad. The image and sound origin are both cited as guitar.

The purpose of guitar was to show ytmnd users that the instrumental universes should get more attenion And should continue in Basset-Hound and Enjoi10's footsteps and create more instrumental universes. The Guitar watermark is in the third corner, occupied by YESYES but not covered by any other instrumental universes.


  • Guitar was suppoesed to be called Trumpet, and the watermark was going to be green. But Enjoi thought that guitars and the colour blue looked and sounded nicer.
  • Guitar is the third instrumental fad, along with Piano and Violin.