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Original YTMND:
GoofTroopTMND: Shame on Picard
by mendodog
June 21, 2008
Worthy Spinoffs:
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GoofTroopTMND was a short and VERY unsuccessful forced fad on the night of June 21, 2008 to the morning of the following day created by users Mendodog and Poonanie123 (who are probably alts of the same person). Also, Goneja filled a majority of the YTMNDs by Featured Users sections for a brief period up until 1am with spin-offs. The majority of these YTMNDs consist of clones of preexisting YTMNDs with the Goof Troop theme song as the only audio. It is this quality of the fad, to just take any existing page and render (no the correct us e of the word render but who cares...) it with the Goof Troop theme song, which places the fad in the less creative corners of YTMND. However, several featured users did put out some interesting sites. But not really, not really at all.

For several hours it also completely engulfed the newly created sites list. No GoofTroopTMND site ever made it to Up and Coming (although several sites DID make it to up and coming) but at least one briefly managed to reach top viewed shortly after 1am on June 22, 2008 (not worth noting). Almost immediately afterward, the inflow of Goof Troop sites died over the early morning hours. Though the fad was short lived, it had all the attributes pertaining to a regular fad, including variants of the original, spin offs, shock sites, hate sites, fad mixing and collaboration and also a fourth corner spin off. In conclusion, the fad was not really a fad, but it was a fad in the heads of two alts that thought up the idea and made sites, so it was a fad for them (him or her).

User ************** created several spin off sites by applying an image of a Goofy balloon animal to accompany the Goof Troop song. One such site, entitled [SITE NOW DELTED] is an example of a very weak attempt to intellectually expand an intellectually retarded fad. This fad was doomed from the start, was found by most to be unfunny, and functioned merely on the nostalgia of hearing the Goof Troop song. Realizing this, it seems these dooshez decided to stop the retaadedness.

All in all, it was a very unsuccessful fad (which was not a fad, but was) yet fun for the participants while it lasted. Untill the embarassment set in. It is not unreasonable to say it will be looked back upon by most as an example of shallow creative thought.

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