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Decemember 18, 2008
Avg. site rating: ***
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giesthunter01 was a average rated user from June to September of 2009 on YTMND. Most of giesthunter01's sites arose out of current fads, in which he would make spin offs that were often mildly successful.

4chan Scandal

In Early September 2009, giesthunter01 became an outspoken critic of Max's reported betrayal, creating YTDND a spin off of the departed, and YTMND as 4chan , a site that would show what would happen if the YTMND Front Page looked like 4chans front page.

Though some of his sites carried anti-Max sentiment, giesthunter01 was soon to play it off as nothing more than joking. Max even commented on one of giesthunter01's spoofs Is Max a Woman: Help Needed, stating he wished giesthuner01 would have good luck in his upcoming quest for Max's True Identity.

Alternate Account Scandal

On September 12, 2009, giesthunter01 created YTMND LOVE TALK w/ Dr.Paul: ep.1 , a series in which he wished to continue, unfortunately for giesthunter01, User Tile discovered giesthunter01 to be using alternate accounts nedmnedm and limabean to upvote his own sites, making his sites recieve attention on the Up and Coming list.

After the Discovery of the Alternate accounts, giesthunter01 and and users Tile and gr33nscr33n argued over the problems of cheating and the using of alts., the conflict can be seen in the comment section of YTMND LOVE TALK w/ Dr.Paul: ep.1 .


Following the discovery of giesthunter01's alternate accounts, giesthunter01 created giesthunter01 Final Site, as a final act of goodbye to, he sited the reasoning for quiting YTMND as a act to save the rating and respect of his sites, and sited Budd Dwyer as his inspiration for doing this. In the comment section of the site, giesthunter01 wrote a final goodbye to the users of YTMND and apologized to users Tile and gr33nscr33n .

Following the release of giesthunter01 Final Site it lasted an unexpected 8 hours as the Up and Coming's list Top Site. This was largely due to to giesthunter01's aknowledgement of his favorite users.


giesthunter01 aknowledged in {{ytmnd|giesthunter01|giesthunter01 Final Site} that he may someday return, but to this point, giesthunter01 has yet to return.

Other Information

  • giesthunter original account was creatd in 2006