Featured/Non-Featured User of the Day

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Featured/Non-Featured User of the Day
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Creator: money-hat
Created on: September 13, 2007
Sound origin: Several
Image origin: Usually Eurotrip + edits


The Featured/Non-Featured User of the Day site was created by money-hat on September 13, 2007. Everyday, he would update the site with a different user, usually one that had recently made a popular site. Other times it would be completely random. This went on for almost two months. November 5, 2007 was the big finale, when money-hat decided that the user of the day was everyone else who had not been individually selected the previous 53 days. The site received many sponsorships, which kept it on the front page for two months so people could easily see the changes made to it day after day.


Nearly every image was an animated GIF image. It usually consisted of the clip from the movie Eurotrip in which the actress Michelle Trachtenberg lifts her shirt in an attempt to hitch a ride to Berlin with her friends. Money-hat would usually edit the clip so that the name of the selected user of the day would be shown on Trachtenberg's breasts. However, some GIFs did not feature Trachtenberg at all. The song "Bang A Gong" by T-Rex was usually used with these GIFs, but not all the time.

On a few occasions, to give himself a break, money-hat posted GIFs that were submitted to him by hanktherapper and mattdh12. Hanktherapper made the Click page and the YourTheCoconutMan page, while mattdh12 made the None4u page. Zafa assisted money-hat with the Mapcouch page. One day money-hat didn't make a GIF at all and just posted an image of a unicorn and Max's avatar with the words "NO UPDATE TODAY" accompanying it. Money-hat later stated that this was "Max's unspoken, unofficial spotlight".

When money-hat decided to call it quits with his updates, he posted a "vacation picture" of PACARD and himself in Jamaica with some beautiful women. This can still be viewed on the original site. This, of course was influenced by the user Stig. Whom requested that Money-hat prove he was on vacation and therefore must be on EPIC vacation with EPIC PACARD. Money-hat's response was: 'Why tell you.... I can SHOW you....' And thus he did, and it was EPIC.


On the evening of November 5, 2007, YTMND user prairiedogeric10 created an alternate account, named Account and began reposting all 54 creations. He did this by using the YTMND API to dig up every image and sound file that was used on featureflash.ytmnd.com, and simply put each image with its matching sound and reposted them all. Some YTMNDers had mixed reactions to this. Some worried that the account would rise to superstardom because of money-hat's hard work. Some thought that this would anger money-hat. But he did not mind at all and even stated that he was glad that all of the GIFs were reposted. He even sponsored one of them for $10.00.

List of Featured/Non-Featured Users of the Day