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FAMILY GUY 311 EMISSION IMPOSSIBLE is a series of YTMNDs created by Waziot based on the Family Guy episode Emission Impossible. These sites can be considered Faggy short films taken to their extreme.


Back in 2006, Waziot had noticed that ever since the Flash Preloader had been created, some people have been posting footage from video clips around the World Wide Web with little to no changes. In response to this, Waziot decided to upload an entire episode of Family Guy split into several different parts onto YTMND as an example of what YTMND might turn into if this keeps up. This entire process took about 34 days (from June 14, 2006 to July 17, 2006), not counting the follow-up YTMND four days after the last entry of this series. The message Waziot is trying to bring out is, "Promote originality, promote creativity, and discourage direct translations from one site to YTMND."

Brief episode summary

After delivering a child for Lois's sister, Peter Griffin decides to have another child. Stewie is against this idea, and tries many attempts to put a stop to this until he resorts to shrinking himself down and destroying Peter's sperm. When one sperm, Bertram, turns out to share common interests with Stewie, Stewie spares his life, but when he returns to his home, Lois changes her mind about having another child. Stewie is pained by Peter's subsequent masturbation, but realises that Bertram is still alive, as indicated by a twinkle in Peter's eye.


For these YTMNDs, Waziot intentionally used poorly synced sound and created satirical site summaries using all capital letters, lack of punctuation, occasional misspelt words, and cheesy terms based on similies on words such as "comedy" and "laughter" (ex. "WELCOME TO THEATREDOME TIMES 1OOOSAND LAFFS" and "HERE WE ARE ONCE AGAIN ON THE TOP FLORR OF COMEDY PLAZA AND IM YOUR ELEVATOR GUY WAZIOT").

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