Art Film (Do not watch)

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Art Film (Do not watch)
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Original YTMND:
Art Film (Do not watch)  
by yourdogisnowtheman 
July 29, 2011  
Worthy spinoffs:

Art Film (Do not watch) is a fad that became popular in late July/early August of 2011. The fad is named after the original site, a faggy short film also titled "The Vomiting Fly" (after the domain) or "The Vomitting Fly" (how the title is spelled in the site).

The fad usually follows a format based off the first site: A title card made in MS Paint, barely animated in two frames while classy music plays; the film, where a character says "Well...don't worry..don't worry! I'm not gonna do what you all think I'm gonna do, which is-" followed by a vomiting noise; and the ending card, where "Fin" is spelled out while more classy music plays, interrupted by the same vomiting noise.

The quote used in the sites ("Don't worry...") is from Jerry Maguire.

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