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This page is about the fad using audio from MadTV. If you were looking for the fad featuring Arnold watching something, see Arnold Enjoys.... If you were looking for the fad where Arnold mispronounces 'Avatar', see Abadah.
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Original YTMND:
Arnold shares his deepest feelings  
by AndySavage 
February 28th, 2007  
Worthy spinoffs:

'Arnold' is a fad making fun of Austrian-born bodybuilder, actor, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's accent. In early 2007, user MrStump created a site entitled 'Whah ah da bad gahs?'. The answer came in the form of a quote from Last Action Hero, with Arnold saying 'Da Bad Gahs Ah Hin Der!'. Soon after, user AndySavage created a site with a slightly edited version of the MrStump site picture, along with sound from MadTV, entitled Arnold shares his deepest feelings. This sound is the main aspect of all other Arnold sites.

AndySavage has made other sites featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, before and after 'Arnold shares his deepest feelings', including Arnold takes his music too seriously, Arnold has no patience for the internets, and Arnold loves his new iPhone, but since these don't have the MadTV sound, they're not considered part of the fad.