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Advice Max
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Original YTMND:
Advice Max Speaks  
by eightbitprodigy 
February 10th, 2010  
Worthy spinoffs:
Used Music:

Advice Max is a forced fad in which max gives pieces of YTMND-related "advice" in a style akin to Advice Dog. These sites almost always require prior knowledge about "insider" YTMND topics to get the joke.

Advice Max sites are typically sarcastic in nature. Some involve max being sarcastic towards YTMND, while others are sarcastic towards max. Some sites are about other users or fad characters and highlight specific characteristics about them.


Ironically, the Advice Dog meme has roots in YTMND. User TEM006 was the original creator of the image on which the meme is based. In September 2006, he created YTMNHD, making YTMND one of the first websites to ever have the image. Nearly two years later, after the "happy dog" image had developed into a 4chan meme, the image resurfaced as Obey Advice Dog. This site was simply a typical Advice Dog image from a meme generator paired with music from the video game We Love Katamari.

The original Advice Max site was a take on this YTMND. Keeping the music, eightbitprodigy changed the image to one of max in front of an orange and white background (representative of the website's color scheme at the time). The advice was "CREATE A MOON MAN SITE / FARKKKLE WILL VOTE 5," thereby setting the precedent that most, if not all, of max's advice would be YTMND-related.

Fad Status

Although eightbitprodigy has created over 30 Advice Max sites (a majority of the total sites existing), this should not keep it from being a fad. Indeed, it wouldn't be the first time for a fad to exist under these circumstances. Besides, the Advice Max concept has been applied in different ways by multiple users, and it is a concept recognized by frequent YTMND users. One might also argue that since it is an extension of an existing meme, it shouldn't really be considered a fad. Again, this wouldn't be the first time for this to happen.