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I see you...

YTMND Spy, introduced 2006-08-01 06:10:44, is a page on YTMND that allows users to see other user's voting, commenting, and registering, even if they hadn't had placed down a comment to reveal that they have placed a certain rating on the site. The page is especially good at catching alternate accounts upvoting (or downvoting) a user's site, possibly to get it into the Up & Coming or to get it to a low rating.

The only place YTMND spy has been linked to is from the news page that Max introduced the YTMND spy system. It has been mentioned in some comments on YTMND as well, but this may as well be a small easter egg on

The YTMND spy also allows you to only keep an eye on only your own sites, by clicking on 'Only my sites'. However, theres a glitch that stops updating the page after a while when it is done so.

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