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Fyrestorm is the YTMNDer responsible for creating the YTMND soundtrack. Fyrestorm has also risen to several positions of authority; he is:

  • A moderator on the YTMND Main Site.
  • Operator on efnet's #ytmnd
  • First sysop/moderator of the YTMND Wiki.
  • Was a DJ on YTMND Radio (Currently awaiting its reincarnation).
  • Was a moderator on the 2005/2006 YTMND Forums.
  • Owner/administrator of the YTMND Ventrilo server.

Shoe on Scientology - New York City, 2006

On the week of June 18th, 2006, Jin visited New York City and met up with fyrestorm. They visited the Church of Scientology and proceeded to put a shoe on the book, "Dianetics", by L. Ron Faggotron. They have taken various pictures and videos of their trip and distributed it over YTMND Ventrilo.

fyrestorm has a YTMND profile

YTMND Public Relations

Fyrestorm has met the following YTMNDers:

  • Jin
  • Koryoko
  • EvilVin
  • Inkydude
  • Cheekygirl
  • Feedrosie
  • Schlomo
  • Athina

Users that would like a day to spend some time with their pal fyrestorm may try and reach him on YTMND's Private Messaging System or through Ventrilo.