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ding fries are done -xXWaspXx

But Mommmmmm

This idea does not bode well for future Color Me YTMND's kind of sites. I spent over 3 weeks and 20+ alterations to color the image due to community feedback and development. I guess that you get one chance to express yourself, and let the chips fall where they may. I could petition to moderators like you said, but It may be a hassle if they are unresponsive or not as fast to reciprocate modification points as I am editing my site. Granted this kind of site development was new to me, and I've never done it in the past, and I dont think I ever will again, and maybe sites are not meant to be made this way anyway. Nutnics 5:02 am, December 5, 2006 (PST)

Minor changes to titles

I like the idea for the most part and I think such a system should be implemented, as it sometimes gets confusing as to which YTMND I am looking at. However, I think that minor but important changes to a title should somehow be exempt from the points being taken off.

For example, say you have a YTMND called "This is a funny YTMND", and everyone tells you your graphic was good, but you need a better sound, as often happens. The way the system sounds right now, changing the sound and updating the title to "This is a funny YTMND (Better Sound!)" will cost you two points. Since the spirit of this system is to reduce confusion over what YTMND you're looking at, points being taken off for this sort of a title change would be somewhat counterproductive, since the "(Better Sound)" tells users that what they are seeing is an already existing YTMND that has been updated, rather than one that is stealing an image and text and using a different sound.

One solution I can think of is to compare the changed title with the original, and if enough of it is the same, exempt it from a point change.

Or a version/update 'tag' system could be implemented. When you make changes to a YTMND, it gives you an option of incrementing a version number (like "This is a funny YTMND" to "This is a funny YTMND 1.1"), and/or an option of adding 'update tags' based on what you updated ("This is funny YTMND Sound"). Based on User Options, the update tags may disappear after the update is viewed.

Another thing I can think of is a Subtitle option for YTMNDs. You'd probably get fewer characters for these, just enough for something like "Updated!" "Updated Sounds!" etc.

Perhaps while on the YTMND homepage, these 'update tags' and/or subtitles remain hidden and appear when you roll over the title with your mouse.

The ideas of the 'update tags' and the subtitles have the bonus of being ideas that allow people to announce updates while not making any direct changes to the point system. They also have the least chance of users finding ways to confuse the system into letting them make what are in reality major changes to a title which just seem to be mostly the same (for example, anagrams) without losing points.

I'm sure after doing all that work coding the most recent update and finding this little post of suggestions for more updates will cause poor max to desire to drive some kind of large, cumbersome object, such as a lamp (plugged in) deep into my eye socket. I apologize deeply if such is the case, and will now stop typing, save to mash out four tildes to associate this half-baked babbling with myself.

Koncur 07:28, December 5, 2006 (CST)