Modification Points

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This page describes a feature that is currently being reviewed for addition into the site, to discuss it please use the talk page.


Modification points will be a new system that will be launching with the new site creator. It will allow users to make a limited number of edits to a YTMND before its votes and views are reset.


The goal of the modification points system is to keep people from changing the content/title of a site in order to acquire an unnatural amount of views. Currently a user can continually change all aspects of a YTMND and not have the views or votes reset, in some cases causing confusion as comments and votes on a site are for previous content. This will also possibly alleviate problems stemming from people getting sites on the front page and then modifying them to be a completely different site.

How it works

Upon site creation, a user has 72 hours to make all of the changes to a site they want with no penalties. This includes completely changing a site's image, sound or title.

After the 72 hour mark, a site is given ten modification points. Each time the user changes the site's image, sound or title, they lose 1 modification point. If you change all three in one edit, you would lose three points. Modifying any other aspect of the site will have no effect on modification points.

Once your site runs out of modification points, you can no long alter the title, image or sound. Any other fields will still be modifiable.

Hall of Fame

Sites that are inducted into the Hall of Fame will automatically have all of their modification points removed and make the site un-deletable.


A feature will be added where you can petition a Moderator for more moderation points if you have a good reason to spend more than 10.