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Razor Gator
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Original YTMND:
[http://razorgator.ytmnd.com Razor Gator! Cleans Disposable Razors
Worthy spinoffs:

Razor Gator is a tool for cleaning disposable razors to extend their usefulness. The product is marketed with an unusally catchy jingle:

Only takes a minute to rejuvenate my razor with my Razor Gator
Razor Gator
Shavin' close and smooth as I reuse my razors usin' Razor Gator
Razor Gator
Rinse, scrape, sweep, it's so neat
Keepin' clean
Scrape, sweep, wipe, it's all right
Razor Gator

On September 16, 2005, a user named "razorgator" joined YTMND.com and posted one (and thus far only one) YTMND site, Razor Gator !!! Cleans Disposable Razors!!, depicting the Razor Gator, the URL for Razor Gator's website and playing the Razor Gator jingle. Sponsorship of the site caused it to frequently appear on YTMND's front page, where it attracted attention for its shameless commercialism, inefectious song, and the strangeness of the Razor Gator itself. The site is now listed as one of the Moderator Favorites.

The Razor Gator theme has since been included in YTMND - The Soundtrack Volume 9.

How to use a Razor Gator

1. Before you shave, scan your blade edge for remnants of fossilized razor gunk. Use Razor Gator's teeth to gator off crusty dried gunk on your blade.

2. Begin your shave. Use Razor Gator's brush to sweep away fresh gunk as it accumulates.

3. When you're finished shaving, use brush to reclean the razor blade head.

4. Use Razor Gator tail to dry blade, which will lessen corrosion.[1]

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