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January 01, 2006
Avg. site rating: *
Avg. vote rate: ***** of unknown
Notable Sites:

New Age Retarded Voters. Lately as of January 2006, YTMND has had a rise in popularity and has attracted a wider range of user base. Without knowing exactly the age of the users, and level of sophistication, NARV's seem to be inexperienced and their influence can be attributed to the rise in votes for relatively novice sites that would have never reached popularity in the hey-day of YTMND's past. This is a result of these voters appealing to the lowest common denominator and upvoting almost everything they see. NARV's seem to have no knowledge of YTMND history or the classics that define the tone of the website at large, and have no desire to learn, unlike the common noob.

NARV-like behavior is not entirely new to YTMND. In the days of "ualualualue" and "ridin spinnaz", you could find this type of user on YTMND. However, by rising in numbers they have justified each others stealing of already well known "funny pictures" from sites throughout the Internet, be they from other YTMND users ( See Parasite ), 4chan, b3ta, SomethingAwful, screenshots of bizarre news stories, etc... Due to a lessening amount of users willing to openly downvote or point out site theft for fear of being "e-venged", NARVism has flourished. NARV's that actually create YTMNDs rarely, if ever, use google or YTMND's own search feature to see if their site has been made already.

Horrible Music Taste

NARV's seem to enjoy overdone fad music, such as Axel F, The Price is Right failure sound, super mario bros. theme, Nightwish- Ghost Love Score, simple plan- untitled, etc.

Bottom Feeders

NARV's create and cluster around fad sites that require the least amount of work, continuing to make and upvote them long after the fad has peaked. Most notably:

• Shoe on Head
Best Day Ever
• Stride
• Epic Maneuver
• googlefight
• Eon8
lol, internet
• iGod
wikipedia vandalism
• Myspace suicide
• Having a wonderful time.

note: not all of these fads are undistinguishable. The original submissions of these fads mentioned are worthy, but NARV's blindly upvote any site containing these elements without discernable inference. NARV's quickly obliterate fads by attaching gifs posted many times before on YTMND with the new fad music, creating a "double unoriginality" experienced YTMNDers find unbearable.

Overrated sites upvoted by NARVs or submitted by NARVs

Epic Windows XP Manuever   4.60
Macgyver Has NO CLASS 4.53 (Stolen Gif, Stolen sound)
Epic Cursor Maneuver 4.52
Tennis Ball Machine Bloke 4.46 (Stolen)
Coolest trick you'll play on your brain all day 4.46 (stolen)
Chuck Norris approves Lesbianism (Dodgeball) 4.44
Epic Boxing Maneuver 4.35 (creator Sylvester is NOT a NARV, however the gif came from SomethingAwful forums)

Anti-NARV sites

You're The NARV Now
Don't Let NARV Happen to You
Dennis Nedry steals & submits crap