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Original YTMND:
Michael Moore is too easy to make fun of
by MasterSitsu
September 27, 2005
Worthy Spinoffs:

The fad began on September 27, 2005 when MasterSitsu created "Michael Moore is too easy to make fun of". The site showed Moore presenting a speech while moving his arms up and down on the podium. The gif image was synced with Homer Simpson's quote "Where's my Burrito". The site appeared to then show Moore addressing a group of people asking where is his burrito. The site quickly became popular and fad sites started to pop up. Many other Moore sites would later spawn, often with a burrito involved, or alterations to the orginal image.

_____ Hunts Moore

A sub-fad of the original Moore fad was created on December 31, 2005 once again by MasterSitsu called "Samurai Jack hunts Michael Moore", depicting Michael Moore running rather than standing as in the original pic. In the image, he is being pursued by cartoon character Samurai Jack from the cartoon of the same name. Due to popular demand of a fad, MasterSitsu created a template of the image that would be used in the fad. The song of choice was Mona Lisa Overdrive by Juno Reactor from the movie The Matrix Reloaded. The song is available on Volume 7 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

This was not the first successful attempt at portraying Michael Moore as running rather than standing. Previously, there was a site called "Michael Moore is an Anime Character", showing Michael Moore running with Ed and Alphonse Elric from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. Also, there was "Kata-Moore-i Damacy" which showed Moore pushing a gigantic burrito past an photoshopped image of George Bush as the King of All Cosmos from the game Katamari Damacy.


Today, most Moore sites do not involve the original gif. In fact, many are simply anti-Moore sites with no knowledge of the Moore fad. They may put to use the idea of a burrito evading Michael Moore himself. Though it is not one of the most current popular fads on ytmnd, it is generally marked as a memorable fad and a major contribution from the user MasterSitsu.

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