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March 1st, 2004
Avg. site rating: *
Avg. vote rate: ***** of March 1, 2004
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JoshCube is a controversial YTMND and Internet Troll who gained attention in the community with his belief that video game characters are real (to the point where he was attracted to Marin from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening).

History on YTMND

In late 2005, JoshCube has over 200 of his sites deleted after YTMND members sent in multiple complaints at just how horrible they were. Around 4 months later JoshCube attempted to create a fad called DYTMND (an abbreviation of "Dear, YTMND" or "Dumb(ass) YTMND") as a response to downvoters or anger towards the site.

JoshCube went on to approach Max about his sites being deleted, at which point he was given two choices: Leave and never come back or make one site that that receives a **** or higher for 24 hours at risk of all of your sites being deleted. He chose the latter and kept a **** rating for roughly two hours before his ratings took a nose dive. 48 hours later Max deleted all of JoshCube's sites.

Roughly a month later JoshCube had spent the time to register over 25 YTMND accounts in an attempt to flood the front page with "I HATE YTMND" sites. At this point Max deleted all YTMNDs on the site with any mention of JoshCube (the majority of which were making fun of JoshCube) and proceeded to delete all of JoshCube's accounts. Interestingly enough JoshCube owned an alt account that posted nothing but "Anti-JoshCube" YTMNDs, which openly mocked him and posted bits of his fan-fiction and poetry. This further cemented his being a complete troll. Due to his actions, the entire community college he attended in Arizona was IP banned from YTMND. It is assumed he has since gone home for summer break and is continuing to make accounts.

There is speculation among YTMND Ventrilo regulars that JoshCube's behavior is an elaborate satire. Users occasionally refer to him as a "secret genius" in reference to this.

Response to being banned

On June 26, 2006 JoshCube made a post on his forums[1] which said the following:

You guys remember that JoshCube Fad that was going on over there? Well, here was my plan to stop them.
I was going to start my own fad, and just make my own sites. By doing this, I'd figure that I would win the war by fighting back, and then calling the CTU.
I started my own fad, then more JoshCube sites came up. After that, they started posting my Phone Number on YTMNDs and then started calling my house.
I called the CTU (Cyber Terrorism Unit) in New York and reported YTMND after I attacked them. Max got warned by my e-mail and then started deleting JoshCube sites.
I bombed them with more pointless YTMNDs and Max got fed up and deleted all the JoshCube sites.
YTMND has now officially had their asses handed to them.
How the fad started:
+ People on YTMND reading stuff in here.
+ People using Google and reading messages I made on the internet.

The key points of this information however, are false. To this day Max has never received any contact from the Cyber Terrorism Unit (from New York or otherwise), although he did delete sites with JoshCube's phone number as it is against the Terms of Service to post such information in a YTMND. JoshCube's actions never cause any YTMND service interruptions beyond filling the "Recently Created" content box on the front page for roughly 10 minutes.Many of the users on the forum questioned his reasoning for posting this and shrugged it off as him "tooting his own horn", while others praised him.

He continues to try and troll both the site and the forums, only to be deleted in a short amount of time.

Another (albeit indirect) JoshCube sighting occurred during YTMND's controversy with Sega in early 2007. JoshCube made similar false claims to the ones above, this time on the official Sega forums, and attempted to get the Sega forumers to "kick (YTMND's) ass just like I did." His post was publicized in the YTMND Lol, Sega Forums. So far, no (relevant) action has been taken by either side.


The community has asked JoshCube several questions about his romance life involving Marin. JoshCube responded saying he was not in love with the character "Marin", but believed she existed as a real person or someone similar, and was in love with the ideal soul-mate. JoshCube also stated that Marin appeared to him in a dream when he was in his childhood years and told him she was real. Ever since, he has been searching for her. In late 2005, he mentioned that he found some articles saying that Marin was based off of a woman that died in a fire approximately 60 years ago, and said that Marin could of been a metaphor that was just telling his heart on what to look for, and not being an actual person.

In mid 2006, JoshCube said the reason why he was in love with Marin was because, in his eyes, she was "the perfect woman". He now hopes to find someone similar to Marin.


JoshCube created SmashBrothersOnline ( as a fan site to submit ideas for content in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl game. He gained thousands of members rather quickly but after five or six months, he became inactive indefinitely.

The members became very disgruntled with his lack of adminship, and when he did log on again it would be for ridiculous things such as Marin topics or asking members to YTMND raid with him. Nobody agreed and as members complained about his lack of activity, Josh simply made inactive members mods and called it a day.

Eventually, he was disliked by several members. Not only for barely showing any administration but also his constant posting of Marin threads, hiring inactive members as mods, and being very inactive. When he constantly tried to "own" YTMND it lead to many claiming to be from YTMND raiding and posting dirty pictures on SBO and several of his members hating him one of which even made a thread bashing him for this (which was later locked). In April of 06 Josh hired three mods, after a incident with one the forum went into a greater riot. After a day of hatred toward the mod they made up with him and a few members made a new forum that several members moved to. In June he locked the forum for "immature members"(this headline was later removed). Since then he has been making updates on his site.

JoshCube re-opened SBO in the summer of 2008 after a former mod convinced him to do so and even give the site up to a new admin chosen by the members. Josh went along with it at first and said that in June of 2008 a new admin would be chosen. When June came, Josh instead deleted the SBO main page and forum with no explanation, and members that weren't on Fusion Lock (the replacement forum of SBO) were outraged. Since then, the wide majority of SBO members have some kind of dislike towards Josh, and have grown constantly annoyed by him and his antics. Josh has posted blogs about his "journey" being over, and has grown a very gruff beard and posted pictures of his new look on his Myspace. Josh has given no explanation for closing SBO, and still blames YTMND for everything.

He has since let the domain expire.

More recent

Joshcube spammed YTMND on July 4th 2006 with YTMNDs titled "Owned". All of which had a picture of a cat, Coca Cola, Lay's Chips, Pooh Bear, a car, and a seal. All of which were downvoted, and many YTMNDs have been made about this, for example "lol, owned". Some YTMNDers call it "the failed owning of the 4th of July ". Again members tried to spam JoshCube on IM. example: JoshCube owned 100 times And also on email in Wanted: pwners to help me. The last 2 where made by the member Bumperboy In mid-November, a large number of accounts were created with names in the format Joshcube*, where '*' is a number. These accounts spammed YTMNDs with an image of Will Smith dancing on a collapsing World Trade Center building and contain the text "You got bel air'd".

The re-deletion of JoshCube

To kick off the New Year, JoshCube (known as JoshCube007) made 75 alt accounts to upvote his own sites and downvote other YTMND users' sites. This greatly annoyed users, and JoshCube and all of his alts were deleted and banned on January 6, 2007. However, Joshcube has returned as (Joshcube009) with his 75 votehack accounts to wreak more havoc. To really annoy people, JoshCube announced that there is going to be a return of his DYTMND fad, which consists of just plain spam. He also made up YTMND Cards, which consists of images of something pasted onto a Yu-Gi-Oh! card with a Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker. On February 18, 2007 Joshcube was banned again and all his accounts were deleted.

The re-re-deletion of JoshCube

Joshcube most recently returned February 24 as Joshcube0 this time making many sites using the 3500hz sound and no image. He was deleted in under a day.

Joshcube had been trolling under the name Joshcube1985, making several sites about Marin, Power Rangers and troll sympathy sites. As of March 14, 2007 he was also trolling as JoshCube2 with several sites featruing the song "Here comes the boom".

As of March 21, 2007 both accounts have been deleted along with the sites.

The Early Years

As of March 22, 2007 he has another account joshcube3 and is working in conjunction with twistedbarney who seems to be his biggest sympathest. He also has several other non joshcube names like robomechaguy

JoshCube, or a user using his alias, has been spotted on Newgrounds in conjunction with trolls of that site. One of his animations tries to cover his original statements that he loved the character Marin, as he now claims he only wanted a woman 'like' her, trying to get the sympathy vote. This may simply be another troll posing as JoshCube, as all the information provided in his profile could have been acquired from his SSBB website. Regardless, this trolling has had little/no impact on Newgrounds.

In the YTMND Ventrilo on May 23, 2008 Mr-Cheater(A Ruthless Main Chats Channel Mod) said that as long he has mods in the main chats channels, JoshCube will be banned from the main chats channels.

As of June 8, 2008 a rumor has speculated about JoshCube currently having a girlfriend. Further information about this is currently unknown.

As of July 9, 2009 he is still putting up sine wave sites with no images and sponsoring them.

The After Years

As of January 2010, JoshCube has been trolling on the website Yahoo Answers. His questions contain fake stories and posts that include discriminatory and offensive content in order to get users worked up. His posts range from racism, sexism, pro-incest, pro-animal abuse, anti-government, anti-christian, anti-police, anti-gay, and knocking down the United States. Such examples are "How do I stop my son from dating a woman with small breasts?"; "My son was arrested for making a bomb threat after a Mexican worker misunderstood his words?"; and "Christianity is a false religion because there is no "J" in the Hebrew language." These type of posts tend to attract a large number of angry users that report him for trolling, causing his accounts to get suspended. He later made three YouTube videos bashing the website and wants to start a movement to get the it shut down.

As of July 15, 2010 JoshCube has been on YouTube under the account name JoshCube2 bashing a rap band known as The Adventures of Duane And BrandO. He made several claims within his videos stating that the group stole their music from the website OC Remix and then threatened to to have the band shut down by contacting Capcom and reporting them for copyright infringement. He said the reason he was not tolerating this was because the group had mixed MegaMan songs with "ridiculous rap lyrics" and stated it was a serious insult to the series. His videos attracted thousands of angry comments from fans denying his claims saying that he only made the videos for "trolling entertainment." Several months later, the band disbanded and their MegaMan 2 YouTube video (which had over two million views) got deleted but it was re-uploaded by BrandO saying that he had legal rights to the video. BrandO denied that this was an attack by JoshCube and said that Duane decided to leave the band after he had a bad fall out with him.

As of August 26, 2010 an internet radio station known as The Fearless Spork Squad did a reading on a fanfic JoshCube made back in 2006 on VG Babes known as A Nintendo Fan’s Lust which involved him having sexual intercourse with Peach, Zelda, and Samus. The radio station said in their reading that it was the funniest fanfic they ever saw.

As of September 18, 2010 JoshCube created a video on YouTube saying that the game Halo Reach sucked really bad and it was the worst game he had ever played due to the fact he was constantly getting disconnected from online matches. The video got over a thousand comments of fans that both praised him and criticized him. The user DarkSpidah made a video response calling him a "dumb-ass mother fucker" and said that he should be banned from XBOX LIVE.

As of December 2010, JoshCube was challenged as an internet meme on the website Know Your Meme. It was later struck down due to lack of nobility.

As of February 2011, JoshCube was permanently banned from the forums for making a topic and spamming it up to 10 pages with random pictures. These pictures included Jewish people, partially nude anime women, hamburgers, cars, pigeons, and Ronald McDonald. The admin banned his account and JoshCube returned as JoshCube2, only to get banned the very same day. The admin further stated that he was permanently banned from the forums.

As of March 2011, JoshCube was spotted on the adult site known as Rule 34 Paheal uploading Photoshopped images of him having sexual intercourse with characters from the Resident Evil series. Many users of the site asked the admins to ban him and delete his images because they believed he was trolling the site. The admins later banned him but he returned and continued to make more images.

Around May 21, 2010 he was banned again after admins had claimed that some of his pictures were classified as virtual child porn and was not allowed on the website. JoshCube created a YouTube video saying his pictures were no way related to that in any way because the PROTECT ACT of 2003 listed that images were only classified as virtual child porn if the characters in the image "obviously appeared to be minors" and claims that the admins cannot back up their evidence. He also mentioned that his ban was unjustified and does not want to continue to upload artwork to the site if he is to be ridiculed and criticized.

As of July 2011, JoshCube made a fake movie trailer titled Super Mario Bros. 2 (2013) - Official Trailer using clips from around 15 different movies including My Bloody Valentine, Fast and the Furious 5, Land of the lost, Sucker Punch, Resident Evil, Journey to the center of the earth, Underworld Awakening, Hellboy, Silent Hill, Evolution, Monsters, Piranhas 3D, Harry Potter, Priest, D-Wars, Reign of fire, Battle Los Angeles, and the original Super Mario Bros. movie. The video has received over half a million views and over 500 comments of users acknowledging that it is a troll video.

As of February 2012, JoshCube has been recently uploading troll videos to YouTube such as fake movie trailers and false subliminal messages. He created a video claiming that he found a subliminal message in Super Mario World after his kids wiggled the cartridge while playing the game, revealing the word "Fuck You" on the special world map. The video received over 1,500 comments of people acknowledging that it is a troll video, including him using ZSNES and Lunar Magic (programs used to hack the rom.) He later then made another video as a response to this one, claiming that he broke his NES copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 after ejaculating into the cartridge.

Fun Facts

JoshCube is of Jewish descent.

He is attending a university, majoring as an English teacher.

He was a level 69 Paladin on Final Fantasy XI Online and was later banned for MPKing players (bringing monsters to the town entrance.)

He was known as Josh, Master of GameCube on Graal Online and was banned from several servers for hacking, abusing glitches, blocking paths, and harassing players.

He has been banned from several Unreal Tournament servers for Team Killing.

He has been banned from Maple Story and Ragnarok Online for spamming and looting from other players.