Ear rape

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Ear Rape
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The 3500 Hz Square Wave
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An "Ear Rape" YTMND is one that is usually created solely for the purpose of annoying or causing pain to the viewer using loud and/or high pitched noises. The most common type of these sites use a square wave to create a high pitched whine and suffering.

These sites are NOT to be confused with Poland and KHANTMND sites, which use high volume but have quite different intentions.

Ear rape is generally done over ytmnd ventrilo, however it will earn you a ban (unless you are a senior user). There is quite a few popular sounds used for ear rape, generally because people are too lazy to make new ear rape sound clips. Blue noise is often used.

Some people use this as a method to troll on the YTMND vent, however this is generally ineffective due to moderators being on most of the time.

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