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Original YTMND:
HISTORYTMND: Garden of Eden Chat
by atomicbolt
December 12, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:
  • "The Kraken" from "Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - OST - (Unknown Song)

HISTORYTMND (pronounced His-to-ree-tee-em-en-dee) is one of a small sub-fad of YTMNDs who denote their content by a common title; i.e., "GAYTMND" YTMNDs are any YTMNDs that deal with homosexual themes as an "alternate version" of YTMND. HISTORYTMNDs feature a historical event presented as if they had occured in modern times, yet still retain their original dates. For example, bidding on "The eBay Louisiana Purchase" is shown on a Photoshopped eBay page as beginning on April 25, 1803, regardless of the fact that eBay, the Internet, and modern computers did not exist in 1803. The outrageously anachronistic nature of HISTORYTMND is part of its appeal. The fad itself began on December 12, 2006, when the member atomicbolt single-handedly created his own fad by making four HISTORYTMNDs in a single day, with the last two of his created immediately the day afterwards. They received high ratings and were so popular that on December 13, 2006, links to three HISTORYTMNDs could be found on the front page.

Recently, HISTORYTMNDs have been taken in a slightly different fashion by users such as Zipzinger. Often not using the traditional Kraken music, they vary widely through different themes as theoretically humorous or amusing mini-history lessons. For example, the "Benefits of the Agricultural Revolution and Selective Breeding" site has an woodcut depicting an outrageously oversized bovine. Its music attempts to set the mood of the time period. This new take on the fad has been embraced by some users and rejected by others who prefer the traditional stylings.


  • The audio used in most HISTORYTMNDs is "The Kraken" from the "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" original soundtrack. It was eventually released in the YTMND Soundtrack Volume 16 on June 8, 2007.
  • Unlike other "alternate universe" YTMNDs, HISTORYTMND did not possess its own watermark until the YTMND user PlatformerMastah created one, in http://hitlerdeviant.ytmnd.com/ on January 2007. The watermark did not catch on, however, and PlatformerMastah's HISTORYTMND is to date the only YTMND of this fad that utilizes it.
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