George Costanza

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George Costanza is a character from the TV show Seinfeld. He has been the subject of two YTMND fads.

Nipple shoot

This fad involves a gif of shirtless George Costanza from the Seinfeld episode "The Hamptons" shooting milk out of his nipples, and catching it in his mouth. In the episode, Jerry's girlfriend Rachel accidently came into the room and saw George naked after he was swimming. As a result, he had "shrinkage," and the gif used shows his reaction to Rachel. Oftentimes, the milk is replaced with other fads. The fad is usually accompanied by the song "Go Go Naruto" from the anime Naruto.

Answering machine

This fad involves a scene from the episode "The Susie," in which George is waiting for his girlfriend who he doesn't like to call him so he can ignore her. As a result, his answering machine message is heard, a song sung to the tune of the theme from The Greatest American Hero.

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