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The Emo Song
Preview image
Creator: Fendraki
Created on: August 9, 2005
Sound origin: Adam and Andrew - The Emo Song
Image origin: holdon.ytmnd.com

"The Emo Song" is currently the 4th-most viewed site on ytmnd, with nearly 3,700,000 views. The site features an image compilation of various emo-looking teenagers taken from the ytmnd http://holdon.ytmnd.com. The sound clip is a song by a group called Adam and Andrew called "The Emo Song", which describes the various characteristics and attributes of emos.

Despite having the 4th most views on ytmnd, the site has been criticized by many. It currently holds a rating of 3.95, and may have been responsible for the emo fad. The song was provided on Volume 5 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

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