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User es138 lives with his parents in Redmond, WA, despite having been born in the year 1982. His handle es138 is his universal handle; in some form or another (such as ElfSlayer138) it is used on various dating websites as well as Sony's PlayStation Network. He claims that the handle's allusion to being a slayer of elves is satirical. The number 138 represents the randomly generated number behind redundant online handles, yet the number 138 was specifically chosen from The Misfits song, titled "We Are 138."

History on ytmnd

The Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis (leading to the 2007 implosion of the Mortgage Industry) left es138 with a major surplus of free time. The curiosity which lead to his mastery of Online Dating manifested itself in striving to crack the code behind the mystery of creating popular ytmnd sites.

His first site Like... Everywhere was swiftly downvoted… and forgotten.

After many failed and deleted sites, es138 created Club Libby Lu which he used to court Seattle area user, Harumi7. After successfully bedding her, she asked that he “stop trying to make TNG sites,” for his lack of knowledge and appreciation for TNG was abundantly apparent in his two sites Totally NOT a five star site and Picards Got a Date

After seeing Chowdah’s I can’t go out and play, es138 quickly made the spinoff titled I can’t go out and pay which was ranked 2nd spot in Top Viewed Today on 07-09-2008, amassing over 2,300 views.

Wondering, if perhaps, he was onto something- es138 attempted to ride the lightning of blakphoenix’s Kindergarten is Awesome by creating Daycare is Awesome, which was highly received by a nuclear group of Digipen graduates. Though es138 wishes he had made the jam more “pink-esh than purple-ish,” he still regards Daycare is Awesome as one of his masterpieces.

Still high on the glory of I Can’t go out and pay, he entered into his creative milestone which he calls his “intimate phase.” In his sites Time To Set It Off !!!!! (a webcam exhibition of his dance moves) K-Sig.. Son!!! (a promotion for Kirkland Signature Jeans) and Fuck This Job!!!! (an animation portraying his weekly work with the elderly) he claimed that much like Picasso’s Blue Phase, es138 was using “more of,” himself.

Bringing sexy back, es138 showcased his soft and sexy voice in his sites 8 bit sexual hit and Rolos (for girls).

es138 Outside of YTMND

es138 has meager stats in multiplayer COD.

es138 writes a weekly (more like daily, but often he fucks off when he could be blogging and there's nothing in between weekly and daily so - fuck it - it's weekly) advice blog called


es138 is still an active member of ytmnd.