Age 9

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{{Fad Infobox|name=age 9 |img=IFAB.gif |original=ifab |originalTitle=how I did founded a bike by charles and audrey age 9 |spinoff1=tcruisekoagenine |title1=how i did killed the fat lady on tv by tommy age 9 |spinoff2=futureconanagenine |title2=how conan did make future his by billy age 9 |spinoff3=spinnazagenine |title3=how we be ridin spinnaz by us age 9 |spinoff4=bellpeppersagenine |title4=how i did love bell peppers by andy age 9 |spinoff5=mystridenotbrokedage9 |title5=How My Stride did not gets Broked by Jake age 9

Age 9. Various fads are recreated with childlike Microsoft Paint-style animations, accompanied by purely vocal renditions of the fads' respective music and sound.