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Icon apps query.png This page is a proposed YTMND Wiki policy, or guideline. The proposal may still be under discussion, being voted on, or whatever. Feel free to add to this if you want to. References or links to this page should not describe it as "policy".

Things to think about when formatting pages at YTMND wiki. It is here because the articles should have a certain style to match up with other articles. This style guide is loosly based on Wikipedia's manual of style, but without all the meaningless crap. Even though there's no rule against formatting pages exactly this way, make sure you keep the edits that stick to this guide.


  • Infoboxes should be the first thing on the page, followed by body text.
  • Images in infoboxes should be no larger than 250px, you can use [[Image:file.jpg|thumb|200px|Caption]] to create a thumbnail.
  • Infoboxes must all be aligned to the right of the page.

Form and structure

  • Bold the first mention the subject of the page, as well as any other name for it. Example, for Nigga stole my bike!:
    Nigga stole my bike or NSMB is a fad from Punch Out.
  • The first paragraph should give a brief summary of the article or an introduction. Try not to start an article with a subsection.
  • Use sentence case for section headers and titles, unless it's a proper noun.
    "See also" instead of "See Also"
  • If an article is listed in a sub-category, don't list it in its parent category as well.


  • Stubs (marked with {{stub}}) should be placed at the bottom of the page (not the top), after the body text and before any categories.