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He guarantees it

President and CEO of the Men's Wearhouse

Hi, I'm George Zimmer, President and CEO of the Men's Wearhouse. I was taking an evening stroll down the street and saw your mother walking towards me. My beef hammer called for sweet relief and strianed against the zipper of my pants. I could not take this punishment any longer, so I swung my monolithic man meat God bestowed upon me and knocked her into a dumpster in a nearby alley. I then proceeded to ram my extra large man salami into her tight hole. Her unwilling moist lips could not take the punishment my thirty pound man hammer did upon her. After shooting my special blend of polonious nut napalm flavored butter, I used my extra large wrecking balls to smash a hole into the wall of a building and escaped into the night. You're gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it.

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