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July 18, 2006
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...as of September 11, 2006
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Whetstone is a user typically known for his elaborate slideshow YTMNDs that involve Christianity. He received much attention during the Summer of 2006 mainly due to his Christian themed works being repeatedly sponsored by key supporters Peterguy and GendoIkari. As of 10-5-06 an estimated $347.18 has been sponsored to YTMND directly to Whetstone's works or to sites created in opposition to them.

His views on Christianity have been said to split his audience. Some side with him because of their own views, the quality of the work, or other reasons. Others consider his arguments to be full of bias, flaws, and circular logic. He has primarily been lambasted for his odd use of drama and zealotry. (e.g. "Cries of the Infidels")

As was also the case with Peterguy, many users along with Max himself disapprove of whetstone's constant use of YTMND as a platform for serious religious discussion and proselytizing. His YTMND "Why God Exists" caused such a disruption that Max commented on a page, featuring a picture of George Zimmer with a large penis. Max has recently threatened to ban him if his creation of religious themed YTMND's continues.

Notwithstanding, whetstone is also credited for humorous, neutral creations such as YTMND Nexus 2.0 and Tenacious D: MIND BULLETS!, and is in addition a balanced voter (That is, having a balanced amount of upvotes, downvotes, and neutral votes).

Recent attacks on Whetstone have included:

  • Vandalism of his comments (presumably by Max). A picture of a Catholic church signboard that says "Too much Jesus, not enough cock" was added to the comment code. Peterguy and GendoIkari were also vandalized in the same manner. These images have been taken down since the September YTMND update.
  • A petition to have him banned. [1]
  • Attempts to change the way YTMND sponsorship works to get his work off of the front page. [2]
  • Fad remakes. [3]
  • Uniform downvoting of all of his YTMNDs regardless of content or quality.
  • Comment spamming [4]