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WHY IS THERE A CHILD!?! is a catchphrase that started with user KittenEater's site Why is there a child!?!?, in which a woman is shown stripping for a webcam porn site while her kid is sitting next to her, and one of the viewers in the video chat is saying "WHY IS THERE A CHILD!?!". In the comments section of the site, users started repeating the phrase to the point of it becoming a fad of its own, and even parodying it with comments like "WHY ARE THERE CHIVES?" or "WHY IS THERE A HORSEDICK?".

Since then, the comment is usually used for similar sites with a camwhore and a kid in the room, but can also be used for any site where there's a child where he/she shouldn't be, or just randomly thrown into a comments section for humorous effect.