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Original YTMND:
You're the violin now dog
December 16, 2006
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Violin is a forced alternate universe fad by user Basset-Hound which gained prominence after several $50 donations were made to his violin-themed sites by front page moderator SocialDemocracy. In Violin sites, pictures of violins are photoshopped into YTMND fads, and the music/sounds that the YTMND's use are replaced with music played by violins, or "violinized" versions of the fad music. Both are simply sourced as "violin". The first violin site created by Basset-Hound was Violin: You're the violin now dog on December 16, 2006.

While it is likely that Violin is a satire of the overabundance of YTMND alternate universes (or simply lowbrow trolling), some other users have taken the fad seriously (or have played along with it), and several Violin sites have been made by users other than Basset-Hound. (most notably VIOLIN RAVE - a parody of LASER RAVE, which notably got donated $125 instead of $50 like the other Violin sites by SocialDemocracy)

Alternate Universes

Yes, even alternate universes can have their own alternate universes. In violin's case, the PTKFGS version is Piano (how appropriate) and the YESYES version is Guitar (with a rockin' guitar solo instead of classical music).

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