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VinnyWeapons has a YTMND profile

VinnyWeapons is a YTMND user who is famous for his mantra-like comment, "The Robots have taken me. Please send help." During his time on YTMND he rarely ever posted anything that differed from this comment, which gained him a mini-celebrity status on the main site.


The repetitiveness of VinnyWeapon's infamous cry for help eventually caught the attention of many other users. This led to a multitude of Vinnyweapons-themed sites, many of which depicted robots taking a person captive. It also started a multitude of accounts imitating his posting style, such as VinnyWeaponss and elyk.

On April 11, 2006 VinnyWeapons made a site claiming that that the Robots have released him, and made a comment on the current new article that read "The robots have released me. Thank you for your concern." The site contained a formal letter describing his "experience" and thanking various YTMND members who "responded in a more positive manner". Since then he has not created any more YTMNDs, and makes comments rarely.


The users of YTMND were divided over opinions on VinnyWeapons. While many found his dogged persistence amusing, others described him as an attention seeker and downvoted sites made about him. It was also widely regarded (and highly likely) that he was was an alternate account of another YTMND user playing a practical joke on the users of the site. This theory is reinforced by the fact that he made his one and only site shortly after Max announced that thousands of alternate accounts used purely for upvoting/downvoting would be deleted. This is likely to be the reason he was included in tehpwner2's (now defunct) Faggot List.