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December 1, 2010
May 13th
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Blast full at ten, keith still solo with no manager
Time clock out, studios, need to block out
Here’s my number call me direct, get no feedback
No interviews, channel four, see me on the news
Erase your message walk streets with my cellular phone
Address you wonder, don’t try to catch me home alone
Up seven o’clock, while you trying to find me on my block
I’m at the airport, you think I’m strange, boardin the plane
Turn off my pager, then quickly, relax my feet
Hotel onion drinkin brew watchin sesame street
You thought you saw me with a wig on, at 7/11
Disguised like shakespeare with blue chrome behind your ear
My george washington robe, I still travel the globe
On pan-am airflights, I roll in cities after midnight
Stand in your lobby unsuspected, you get neglected
Traffic was hectic..

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