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March 15, 2006
Avg. site rating: ***
Avg. vote rate: **** of July 10, 2006
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Vitafin is a YTMND user who joined, purely coincidentally, during the new user boom of '06. Prior to this he had frequently come into contact with YTMND sites, including the original spoofs of, but thought they were shit, and didn't look into it any further. Luckily he was 100% correct, but the point is he joined definitely before you even if you joined before then, so go fuck yourself.

Vitafin also watches Sugar Rush while playing with his cock(s).


Shortly after creating his first site, Vitafin proceeded to join post-temp YTMND forums, where he discovered, primarily, gay interracial porn, among other minor things such as Last Measure links and general apathetic racism.

He was shunned initially from the forums, much like every newcomer, for reasons unknown, but rather than leave, he decided to shut up for a while until he had sneakily lurked out a couple of thousand posts, making himself equal to levels of forum faggotry at the time.

Shortly afterwards, max decided that this was all too much to be associated with YTMND, and, following a request from user MichaelWolfson (lol, still can't believe it), created the NSFW forums, and in the weeks after, closed the regular forums for good, in favour of a SFW one with a linked database to that of YTMND.

This pleased fellow cyber-friend rubycalaberX, as he told he had been holding himself back from posting some of his more serious incest fan fiction, and disgusting array of torture pornography.

At the time of writing, Vitafin has the highest post count on the YTMNSFW forums, meaning he is the user with the least actual real life outside of the Internet. He is very proud of this. This also means that any stragglers just joining the forums believe Vitafin is some kind of demi-God, and thus stalk him by harassing him over AIM and begging him for reputation points.

Vitafin is a current candidate for the one of the yet-to-be-assigned places for Administrator on YTMNSFW. Many users support him by placing an image in their signatures, and believe he is a good candidate. Others merely put it in their sigs because they believe he is the anti-4chan, which he is fine with.

Other YTMND Community Outlets


Vitafin frequently checks the faggotry in the YTMND IRC channel, and was among the first to hear of YTMND's possible appearance on the Colbert report.

Other users often laugh at him for having an AOL IP.

Vitafin also spends time on the unofficial YTMNSFW Forums IRC channel, where he is an operator (probably).


You're reading it, son.

YTMND Ventrilo

Vitafin is currently in a position to use YTMND Ventrilo, but chooses not to.


In mid August 2006, forum member It is the Riz released a FF6 style RPG based on events in the forums. Vitafin was available as a stereotypically English playable party character, and featured 3D glasses, a Colt handgun and a pinstripe suit with red tie.