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An avid sandwich fan, I became interested in YTMND in early 2005 and was immediately attracted to the bountiful sandwiches aplenty. Being one to reserve my personal information, I did not sign up for the website until August of that year, in order to vote on great sandwich-related websites. After about 2 months, I had to try my shot at a YTMND internet website.

The Early Years

My humble beginnings revolved around old shows that I thought were funny and Credence Clearwater Revival. These sites were God awful. Most of my time was spent voting and commenting on sites of the old YTMND Legends. For some reason, it seems 100% of these old comments and votes were erased somehow.

The Great Cataclysm and my Touch with the Fourth Hand of Chan

After a year of slow-release YTMNDs with an average rating around only 3.5, I fell out of the YTMND community for about a year. Having steady woman relations and video-game-related obligations ate up the majority of my time, and the disintegrating quality of YTMND works further dissuaded me from the site.

I began delving into horrible things, like Three Days Grace, Eugenics, and I even went to 4Chan once. My life was looking bleak... but that was all going to change.

Ted Stevens, Defender of the Internet

It was Ted Stevens that drove me back to the inner sanctum of YTMND. His wise words brought me to the realization that it was time to stop living in the gutter and start living for something. Despite my concern that it appeared that YTMND and 4Chan had been infiltrated by one another, I remained steadfast in my resolve. I participated in some joint raids, the best of course being upon Habbo Hotel. But I could feel something wrong, something was amiss. Something dark was lurking underneath my exterior.

More History to Come... I'm very bored with my own story for now.

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