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sniperchance is a YTMND user who despises the internet. oh also SELF-PANDERING SHIT GOES HERE



sniperchance in popular culture

  • Conan O'Brien mentioned a "sniper's chance" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, during an interview with Tom Cruise in the February 31st, 2006 show.[citation needed]
  • During the Washington DC sniper incident, the perpetrator threw up paper signs on telephone poles, stating "YOU GON GET SNIPED".[citation needed]
  • In episode 103 of the popular anime series Naruto, it was rumored that there was a single frame in which the words "SNIPERCHANCE IS A FAG" flashed in bold pink. What once used to be a silly little message board prank required the attention of many American anime connoisseurs. After watching the episode in question for 10 hours straight on a Pocky and Gay Fuel binge, they concluded that the text actually said "STOP WATCHING ANIME YOU FAG".

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