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Avg. vote rate: *** of 2007-26-2
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I'm just an average YTMND user with average sites and average votes. I try to undo the damage of a downvoter at times, but only if I believe the site deserves it. I will periodically delete every site in my possession I believe is crap, because I don't want to waste YTMND's server space for material I believe is substandard. If I vote I try to be fair with my votes. My main job here is probably going to be reverting vandalism, and possibly expanding articles, though I've never been immersed into community enough to really do anything more than revert vandalism.

Articles Started


  • I have an account on the YTMND(not NSFW) forums(Flaco)
  • My first site(deleted) basically strapped an Uncyclopedia stub template to a wikipedia article.
  • Bob Marley on a forklift driving in a circle was originally Bob Marley has gone batfuck insane, and before it was deleted and recreated with sound, it was used by Wanker666 to create a site
  • Two of my sites made it to up and coming before being shot down. One of them is listed to your right
  • I am the admin of several wikis, and a moderator on a forum. Only one of these sites is semi-popular.
  • My name is derived from the word Charlatan. My name is only used here by me.