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Avg. vote rate: **** of Dec. 11/2006
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A mediocre user who made maybe one semi-notable site. It took over a year to penetrate the Top 15 Daily Viewed. One of the few users who joined in YTMND's first month (albeit just barely) and is still active. He made few sites, mainly NSMB sites. When he joined YTMND, he thought Khan sites were effin hilarious and made Khan sites long after the fad died, though sporatically. Gradually, YTMND became less and less funny to him--he just kept browsing out of habit and boredom. He never visited the YTMND forums except to ask for help on why his sites wouldn't work. He also had a terrible habit of deleting any site that slipped under a 2.0. On worse days, it was 3.0.

He enjoyed "The End of the World" but hated the rest of Daltonofzeal2's work. He was one of the many successfully trolled by Kassius's Cosbymania stunt. He caught, hive-mindedly, all the hate going around for Adverb and inkdrinker despite only recieving a single downvote from either of them. One of his few redeeming features was his appreciation for "Mike Done" and "Tennis, Anyone" despite not being a member on the forums.

A Breakthough

One day in June or August 2006, he YTMND searched "zazaza." An ordinary search that should retrieve ordinary results. However, thanks to AegisReflector's upvoting clan and the fact that a search for "zazaza" doesn't turn up all the sites with "zaza" or "zazazazaza" in the title, Aegis's "Khan: zazaza" was high on the list. As a Khan fan, he clicked on it. And he was confused. But he loved it. Reading the comments, he quickly pieced together that its crappiness was intentional. He searched the rest of Aegis's profile and viewed and 5'd his sites one by one. He loved it. All his years of thinking YTMND was boring was almost a buildup to the punchline of the concept of a noise site. He quickly made his own Polend site and had a lot of fun doing it. He quickly regained appreciation for Kassius and Dalton, and later, inkdrinker and Adverb. He was a noob at first, but he gradually caught on to the way things work on the FPA. He produced one or two high-effort Polend sites, then degenerated into mostly lazy, short sites. He's clever enough to make this work sometimes. He enjoys making KHANTMND's and Mike Done sites. Ear rape is uncommon in his sites, and he's stopped making Polend sites almost entirely. He enjoys them, but doesn't make them often.

Userbox04er.jpg This user joined YTMND in 2004.
Bushpoland.jpg 30 seconds! Well, actually this user remembered Poland!
Cockrum.jpg This user would like to thank Dave C*ckrum.