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February 26th, 2006
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: **** of June 25, 2006
Notable Sites:

Moheevi is an enigma, some love or hate this crazy staple of YTMND, vent, and

  • Moheevi's name is also an enigma. It was created while drinking with a friend, not much is known...

other than Moheevi can make women have orgasms when mentioned aloud (also turn men gay).

  • Actually, moheevi is a shit storm raising mother f*cker. He don't give a shit about you or your momma. He once ate a man's heart

just because he like beef jerky so much. He also created NEDM, the YTMND remix project, etc...essentially pissing you off since you got here.

  • Hall of Fame user.
  • Favorite Fads: NEDM...that's about it, I only like sites individually.
  • Future Projects: YTMND Remix Project part 2
  • On the YTMND Ventrilo Server, Moheevi is best known for the Growing Pains Theme Song

-his biggest peeves are not enough Moheevi sites and not enough Growing Pains music

-he is NOW a mod on Ventrilo, his dark soul will be filled with light

-he does have his own channel on vent. things that might get you kicked...annoying me.

  • Moheevi is, was, and will always be the NEDM man. He makes sites that he enjoys himself, and not

just fad bs. He makes sites with random images and random sounds sometimes. For instance

ldsjaldsfjadslkfja - One of his first random sites. Also his first cat site.

sandwich monkey fart splash - That is a supposed picture of moheevi.

Top 15 Sites:

Future Cat - First top 15 site. TPIL 4 life.

First time online? Welcome to the... - Second site.

Wilford Brimley, HappyCat, and Cake - Third top 15.

RIP 5/30/06 - Contributed gif and added "be cool about fire safety." Neomatrixclt = sound.

Remix competition pt 1 winners - 5th.

NSFW Top 15 Sites:

A new YTMND advertising low sound is crazy.

Tourettes Guy Bebop RIP michaelwolfson

Wanna be a star? Blowjobs and shit.

Sites that hold a special place in my heart (that I made):

Butt love? Joy division rock hard. Also dew army.

Shut up & Create Something Seriously, all users should make a site.

5 things you need to do Do these and your life will be complete.

Brimley Scares Gizmo Diabetes?

Damn...i got too many sites. Sorry.

Moheevi's 5 Favorite Sites

Look in the sky, chief! Stratos is god, #1 fave.

Burritos!!! Blonddie makes good burritos. #2

Good friends and... Sitsu Makes good sites #3

Spitpig's been to the... Danger Zone #4

Tighten up the graphics Neo is always hatin' #5

moheevi's *FAV!* users are...(in no order)

1. stratos-the-bratos
2. blonDDie
3. nutnics
4. awesomebob
5. dasyati
6. mastersitsu
7. crystal
8. boomaga
9. money-hat
10. shteeve
11. State-of-Mind
12. TjenTang
13. gamekid
14. mikeyfapper
15. Xero
16. neomatrixclt
17. spotz
18. chav-slayer
19. Dr-L337
20. fyrestorm
21. xXWaspXx
22. alextide32

... more to come (that was off the top of my head)

  • I would like to thank Crystal, Neo, and nutnics as I used their pages to help build mine.
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