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MikeLowrie is a YTMND and Vent Mafia member who is known for his assistance in recent raiding and known by some for his vote and comment spamming.

Before YTMND

Before his affiliation with YTMND, MikeLowrie was a eBaum's World and Newgrounds user for several years. With no raiding experience or knowledge, YTMND-Day on eBaum's World left him shocked and appalled, never seeing the full force of the internets. His participation in defending the eBaum's World Forums was short, only thwarting a few enemies, to only be hit by friendly fire by an admin.

Discovery of YTMND

Around March of 2006, Mike visited YTMND for the first time, browsing the site with great amazement for over six hours on his first visit. He donned the username "MikeLowrie" in April and set forth in YTMNDing. He has, at the start, had a smooth record of voting legitimately, commenting like someone with intelligence and making very few sites (which have received little to no attention).

Vent Mafia Connections

In June of 2006, Mike went onto the YTMND Ventrilo server, making friends with several then members as Lt_Snitz, Bucketman and TheOWA. During his beginning times, he participated in random story telling and prank calls, one of which was to a Scientology center. Throughout his time as a Vent Mafia member, he has assisted in coordinating several raids and attacks since the 9/11 Habbo Raid of '06. MikeLowrie is known as the originator of quotes such as "I see what you did zere" and "Nnnnice!", although there is debate whether Fyrestorm originated the second quote. Mike is even known to play harmonica, along with soman and Arsekicker.

The Scientology Call

In the summer of '06, MikeLowrie and others participated in what would be known as the Scientology call. Mike made the call to a Scientology center in Louisiana, attempting to make one of the workers visit with other workers. The man who picked up did not have the internet, let alone a computer, due to the Interstate causing family issues. The call was transfered to another center outside the state to a intelligent female. Her insights showed that Germany, pharmacists and the pharmacy chain CVS has been trying to bring down Scientology. Unfortunately, the call was cut off due to one of the other participants laughing too hard, causing the Scientologist to hang up.

Participation in YTMND Wiki

So far, MikeLowrie has created the following Wiki's:

- Tragedy at...

DONG Radio Talk Show Hosting

In efforts to organize the userbase and get faggotry lowered, MikeLowrie started hosting an open discussion designed to run like a talk show, dubbed "DONG Radio" after the name of the Ventrilo server, YTMNDONG Ventrilo. Although the shows were irregularly scheduled and were often so few in "airings", it gained popularity mainly through the 2006 crowd of the server. Due to his lack of trafficking the server himself and his change in lifestyle, MikeLowrie decided to host a YTMNDONG Radio finale show, as he held his other ones. Before the airing, users urged him to keep the show running, and possibly start a podcast. With no schedule, line-up or even plans, some users came together and pitched in to take YTMNDONG Radio to new heights. Unfortunately, after a poor line-up and upset mods, the channel being used was promptly deleted, causing users to stray off. At that moment, MikeLowrie called it quits and shut down YTMNDONG Radio on September 22, 2007.

Future of MikeLowrie?

Although his time on YTMND has not amounted to much and has really had no direct positive value on this website, he will more than likely drift off to different things.