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July 04, 2005
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Was introduced to YTMND primarily through World of Warcraft circles back in 2005. First memorable YTMND was a couple which refered to Leroy Jenkins and one that poked fun at an Onyxia raid. Arguably not a prestigious way to be introduced to YTMND. After browsing around he became an ardent fan and is still today.

Holds YTMND in very high regard due to its grassroot and community based approach. Considers YTMND to be some form of a "online humor chips bag" where you pick one, get feeling of gratification and move to the next one. Likes the simple approach of user creates sites because he considers it working more in favor than against.


After having fun watching YTMND for a while he decided to create one himself. He finished it and uploaded it very late at night in the summer of 2005 and woke up next morning to see it hit the #1 spot on the daily top viewed to his surprise. Was still a complete YTMND noob by that time which explains the horrible sourcing and lack of comments on it until over one year later.


  • Notoriously lazy on the picture production versus the sound production. For example, his Jurassic Park YTMND still is using a stolen graphic from another YTMND - even after promising for over a year to create a new one. His Gaytmnd entry for the remix contest uses just a bland and stationary jpeg. His Picard Song Remix YTMND originally had a very shitty gif animation that was so derided that he considered to just pull the site down altogether, but was fortunate that someone offered help to make another one for him.
  • Is very conservative about throwing 1 star votes because he'd rather just put 5 stars on the YTMND he likes.
  • Mast is not his real internet nickname, but it's very close.
  • Despite being an active YTMND visitor for soon two years, is not connected to the community.
  • Amateur musician/producer.

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