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Stephen Colbert: Needlessly Frightened!, created September 19th, 2006
September 19th, 2006
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Frenchbreadpizza officially joined the YTMND ranks on September 19th, 2006. Among other things, he in known for some trademark trends that appear in multiple sites he does, such as Esc sites (What's In The Gift Box?, Reincarnation), and watermark modifications (The Legend Of YTMND, PsychedelicTMND).

FBP is active around YTMND. He prides himself on his ability to vote fairly, and vote often, being a member of the exclusive 10,000 Votes Club. In addition he has made over 300 YTMNDs, being in the Top 20 users by sites.

The Beginning

Once the orange era of YTMND began, he made a name for himself with Wouldn't YTMND Look Better..., his first site to reach over 1,000 views. Some time later, FBP had 2 sites simultaneously listed in the Up and Coming, World's Ugliest Dog Competition and The Legend of YTMND, which remains as one of his most highest rated sites to this day.

During the holiday season of 2006, he saw popularity with various Christmas themed sites (holy crap, a snowflake!!!, Let It Snow).

Feud with momthinksimcool

In late 2006, there had been some noted clashes between frenchbreadpizza and momthinksimcool, notorious for multiple sites featuring burning cats. He responded with his site, Stop Burning Kitties!, and posted the link in a comment on those sites.

Another series of sites came about where, after downvoting The Legend Of YTMND and complaining about the several Nintendo-based YTMND's, momthinksimcool created Do you think you could tell?. Frenchbreadpizza replied with his site, simply titled Nintendo.

Despite what some think, frenchbreadpizza is not a Nintendo fanboy. This is evident in Nintendo Wii Has One Weakness. This, of course, nowhere near in comparison to his deep hatred for Sony since the launch of the ever-expensive PS3. He owns an Xbox 360, and is quite pleased with that and that alone.

Frenchbreadpizza VS Sega

Frenchbreadpizza was a long time childhood fan of Sega, and has in the past made related sites to Sega, and Sonic The Hedgehog more specifically. However, YTMND owner Max recieved a legal action letter from Sega on January 11, 2007, over the "Sonic Gives Advice on Rape" YTMND. In response, Max encouraged YTMNDers to "feel free to let Sega know how much you all appreciate them shitting on their target audience". Frenchbreadpizza jumped on the chance.

The flood gates opened and FBP created many, many anti-Sega sites. They include, but are not limited to, Frenchbreadpizza VS Sega, Rejected Sonic The Hedgehog Zone #3042, Transfer the Website to us, dog, Sonic Gives Sharing Advice, and Sonic Gives Legal Advice.

Despite his respect for Sega over the years, he is a YTMNDer first and foremost. He has since decided to boycott by refusing to purchase Sega products in the future, both to make his position known, and because, let's be honest, they just suck.

Fox 13 News Utah

A native of Ogden, Utah, some of FBP's most popular material comes from the local Fox Utah affiliate. Beginning in Mid-2007 with sites such as Skuldistruditastidurtefit and Tomorrow's Weather Calls For...WTF?!. But his most famous site took the form of The Anal Teen Choice Awards, his only site to date to reach over 1,000 votes, 50,000 views, 150 comments, and a 4.5 star rating. It has spread around the internet since and was mentioned on a local Utah radio show, given the honor of "Boner of The Day" of X96's Radio From Hell for August 30th, 2007, after being nominated by fellow Utahn YTMND user hanktherapper.


A bizarre, random, unexplainable trend is spotted in several Frenchbreadpizza YTMNDs, featuring a man in a suit with the head of rabbit referred to as "Bunnyman". The first site this occured in, I'm Bored, featured Bunnyman in an office with music playing from Legend Of Zelda: A Link to The Past. The music in question occurs in a section of the game where Link is morphed to also have the head of the rabbit.

Bunnyman has appeared in several sites since then, including Sleep Deprivation Is The Leading Source Of Flying Bunny Attacks, Shingled Roof, 47, and Lost In A Sea Of Bandwidth. Many of these sites include music from an English techno group known as Utah Saints. Beyond that, no other connection between these sites have been made.


FBP returned using a new logo in some sites.

Due to financial issues, Frenchbreadpizza announced his temporary departure from YTMND on August 25th, 2007 in Goodbye, YTMND. However, his absence did not actually start until September 21. During the near month while waiting for his departure, he made twenty more sites.

He announced his return just a week later, on September 28 with Hello, YTMND. And about 20 minutes later came Goodbye Again, YTMND.

Although only a week long, his absence was only supposed to be a few days. But due to the incompetence of customer service representatives the return was delayed. This event in turn inspired The Unfunny Truth About Customer Service Representatives.

Friends of Frenchbreadpizza

Around YTMND, frenchbreadpizza considers blackdragon1988, tehpwnerer2, Negatis, WobblesTheGoose, scoobysnax, Garithos, and Golden friends, as well as all fellow members of The New FPA. I've also been told that moheevi is important to me.


On October 18, 2007, Frenchbreadpizza officially announced his retirement from YTMND after over a year active,. His final site is Laters, YTMND. Done in the style of some of his final sites, with the music he used and appreciated the most.