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March 07, 2007
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Captain 5!

Captain 5 is a hero who loves your sites! He enjoys your hard work, and works day and night to make sure your sites recieve the attention they deserve!

Not an Upvoter!

Contrary to popular belief, Captain5 does not instantly vote 5 on all sites! He judges them accordingly, and shares his thoughts on your efforts! If you receive a 5 (from Captain5), know this. You deserve it!

You are Amazing!

You are indeed great! If you make a ytmnd, then you deserve respect! Everyone puts effort into their ytmnds, and whether they are popular or not, the creator took time out of his or her day to create them! Hopefully, everyone will realize this one day. This is Captain 5's dream!

Favorite YTMNDers!=

Captain5 loves ALL YTMNDers! It's true! If he could link you all, he would!