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Audiopirate is one of many previously little-known YTMND users/artists, although some of his sites have been gaining popularity in recent months. Two of his most popular sites were based upon the For the last time fad - including (You have been refreshed for the last time), which made it onto list of noted spinoffs on the For the last time fad page on the YTMND wiki.

Four of his YTMNDs have made it onto the front page in the "up and coming" section:

As for the user himself, Audiopirate is said to be a fan of assorted Jrock/Jpop, Anime, Japanese and computer related artwork (3D models, photoshop, etc). With no set direction in life, he drifted away from his old hobby of programming and now aimlessly floats around 4chans /b/ (amongst many other sites) like a brainless squid.