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Also known as the main site. Below are the lists that appear on the front page:

Default Lists


Recently Created

  • Shows the ten newest sites made.


Up and Coming

shows the recent sites that people have voted highly

Site Requirements

A site must meet the following requirements before it is eligible for the Up and Coming:

  • Rating over ***
  • Number of votes over 4 and under 350
  • Made in the last 5 days

The ten highest rated sites on Up and Coming appear on the front page. This list updates every minute.


Top Viewed Today

shows the sites that received the most views in the day

Site Requirements

A site must meet the following requirements before it is eligible for the Top Viewed Today:

  • Rating over 2.5

The twelve highest viewed sites on the Top Viewed list are included on the front page.

It is updated at 1:00AM EST/12AM CST



Featured Users have a pink username color.

Site Requirements

Officially max has not revealed the requirements for becoming a featured user, but suspected conditions include:

  • User's average site rating over ****
  • User has more than 5 sites
  • Otherwise manually added to the list by max

The last ten sites made by Featured Users are shown on the YTMNDs by Featured Users list.

Often times, users are featured whom fall outside these suspected parameters. For example, detalub0, as of now, does not have 5 sites.


Sponsorships this Week

shows YTMNDs that have supporters who donated money to YTMND. The option to sponsor a site is available in the profile section of each YTMND. Once the option is selected the donating user can choose how much money they intend to give and send it to Max via Paypal. After this transfer the site in question is automatically added to the Sponsored YTMNDs List. More than one person can sponsor a site and previous sponsors to a site can sponsor with more money at any time.

While the previous link directs to the full Sponsored List, the ten sites sponsored with the most money will show beneath the Recent News box.

Benefits Of Sponsoring

Sponsoring is beneficial to not only the owner of the sponsored site, but to YTMND as a whole. The frontpage gains thousands of hits per day, so a space even on a small area can mean that the site's popularity can increase dramatically, often even reaching the Top Viewed Today section. It has been proven several times that sponsoring can take sites from obscurity to having a massive fan base. A prime example of this is zazazazazaza, a bizarre site by MrApgar which obtained a huge following after being sponsored and started its own fad. Other little-known sites which gained popularity from this method include Money-Hat's Kikujiro site (the music of which was used for the No Class fad) and Razor Gator.

Sponsoring sites is mainly beneficial to Max, who requires the money to purchase new servers for YTMND and pay for webhosting. As of August 20, 2008, the overall money raised from site sponsoring is $$45,338.10- enough for Max to purchase a much-needed new content server along with other goals including continuously helping with hosting payments.

Disadvantages/Criticisms Of Sponsoring

While sponsoring was created to improve YTMND, its ability to give sites exposure has on occasion backfired. Many people make poorly-done YTMNDs and self-sponsor them to gain hits. This has led to some users downvoting purely for someone sponsoring their own work, whether it is of good quality or not. A similar fate befalls sites made by unpopular users that make the sponsored list: when AwesomeBob sponsored sites by inkdrinker and ilovepillsandkelsey the sites in question received even more downvotes than before. Finally, there is the case of objectionable content. On occasion, people have sponsored sites containing shock images such as TubGirl, harlequin fetuses and variations of Goatse in an attempt to disgust users who happen to view them before they are marked (nsfw). Some people also believe that directly gaining money from YTMND puts it on a similar level to Ebaumsworld, a site which is known to profit from stolen content.

The Future

When the Total Needed is reached it is sometimes updated with the next target needed to buy essential upgrades for the site. Max has also hinted several times at the possibility of introducing paid-membership accounts that would allow certain benefits over free accounts, and that if this system is introduced any user who has donated over $15 will automatically receive an upgraded account.


Top Rated YTMNDs This Week

  • The ten sites with the highest ratings in the past week

Sites will show up on this section even if they are marked NSFW and the user hasn't set their options to show NSFW sites on the front page.

Former lists


Worthwhile YTMNDs

are old sites that are determined to be pretty good based on rating

Site Requirements

The requirements for a site to appear on the Worthwhile YTMNDs section are currently unknown.
The following are suspected requirements:

  • Rating above ****
  • Number of votes fitting between 4 and 425
  • At least a week old


Most Voted on this Week

shows sites that received the highest number of votes in the past seven days
Sites will show up on this section even if they are marked NSFW and the user hasn't set their options to show NSFW sites on the front page.
The ten sites that received the most votes over the past week are shown on the front page.

Customizing Your Front Page

You can edit your YTMND template by setting which lists you would like to see, including all the lists from the browse section.
The number of sites shown on top viewed and the other lists can be modified for you using this feature.
A select number of popular templates are available or you can save your own for future use.
More details about customization can be found in a separate article.

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