The Gay Plaza

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The Gay Plaza
Preview image
Creator: SpecOp24
Created on: January 3, 2006
Sound origin: uncited
Image origin: uncited

The Site

The user SpecOp24 created The Gay Plaza on January 3, 2006. Since that time the site has been viewed 62,875 times and received 1,144 total votes and having been *FAV!* 46 times (as of July 27, 2007).

The Image

The image consists of what appears to be either someones basement with dj equipment set up or an actual dj booth in a bar/nightclub. The speakers have had the gayfuel logo put on them. There is a can of gayfuel sitting in the middle in front of the equipment. There have been 3 rainbow colored gay martians next to 2 asian women, next to stephen hawking wearing a do-rag and a los angeles dodgers baseball hat in a wheelchair showing the westside gang sign. Behind this in a window in what can be described as the dance floor there is Morgan Spurlock, Mister T, Barney the purple Dinosaur wearing a do-rag with a volleyball in his mouth, and the rapper BG.

The Sound

The sound file consists of a person trying to do what sounds like a radio ad describing the scene encouraging people to come down to the event. It can be deciphered as follows:

LAWD HAVE MERCY! Tonight at the Plaza, boy we'll be throwin up dat Gay Fuel.
We got Mis-Mister Stephen Hawking cripwalking on the ones and two. We got Mr. T.
We got dem Asian hoes. We got BG. We got dis crazy white dude.
I dunno where he from he come from da pro-jecks! We got Barney man he- Barney gon
be throwed wit dem bandanas. Til 12 baby errbody get in free wit dem-wit dem
gay martians... YOU FIRED UP BABY!!!


First Time

The user Awesomebob sponsored $101.00 to get this site on the front page for a week.

Second Time

A combined effort between the users Redfrog, money-hat, and Awesomebob sponsored the site for a combined effort of $102.00 to get the site back on the front page for another week.

User Reaction

Something of a cult classic, some users have praised the site for being a thing of genius and being the pinnacle of comedy. Most users, however, think the site lacks any of the qualifications to being considered funny or good in any way.